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RLA 240663

Workers resized

While leasing the premises, the tenant is in control of governing behaviour (employees, associates, clients, customers, suppliers etc.) within leased area. In other words, tenant is responsible of assessing risks and introducing guidelines to ensure healthy, safe and secure working environment. However, if those premises are part of multi-tenanted Complex/Centre, the landlord almost always remains responsible for overseeing use and upkeep of common areas.

A dispute could arise in the case of difference between expected and actual way of behaving, even more so if the leasing documentation is silent about it.

We are of the opinion that any commercial, industrial or retail property comprised of two or more tenancies should have a written set of Rules and Regulations incorporated into the lease(s). This should be applied regardless of how small or insignificant common areas are, and even in the case where the owner-occupier shares the property with only one tenant.

Rules and Regulations are importantfor maintaining order and providing guidance in many different scenarios and situations. Some of them are drafted to maintain respectful and transparent relation between occupants, and the other ones with security or safety in mind. In any case - most of the R&R sets look just like itemised guide of allowable, desirable or prohibited behaviour in relation to common area.

If you require assistance with assembling set to be used for your own use - please do not hesitate to contact us.

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