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What is your property manager’s reaction time in the case of emergency?


We do it differently here at Commercial Property Centre.  We take care of our clients and here is the proof.

Actual Case (SALISBURY, 28.12.2016)

7:15 am                Phone call received from the tenant in distress. Recent storm damaged the property (roof flashing torn off, fencing damaged by fallen tree and the warehouse roller                             door popped out from the guides, flapping on the wind)

7:30 am                Roller door repairman contacted and arranged to meet on site at 9:30 am

8:00 am                Landlord alerted about the event and actions taken

9:00 am                Site inspected; damage recorded and photos taken for possible insurance claim

9:30 am                Door assessed and appropriate repairs approved

11:30 am              Door repair carried out; unrestricted door operation achieved

1:00 pm                Landlord notified, work orders for less urgent jobs issued

Is this the way your property manager is handling the emergency?

OUR Common Sense – Key to YOUR Success!


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