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The dilemma – to engage smaller and independent or sign up with bigger (franchise, national or international) real estate agency, very often plays on mind of many commercial or industrial property owners. Of course the answer depends on many factors including the owner’s personal inclinations and expectations, size and number of commercial assets, investment structure etc . Here are some points favoring smaller Agencies:

  • We have the privilege of knowing our clients very well. By understanding their personal and professional circumstances and objectives, we are in a position to provide them with close attention and a custom made approach that will result in achieving the desired outcome.
  • Our clients are benefiting from interacting with the same individuals at all times. There is no waste of time and energy on any side. There is no hiding behind the system, procedural or internal Agency arrangements (sales/leasing-property management-administration). Communicating is done directly, with actual people and without repeating or exchanging messages with faceless departments. The instructions, promises and concerns are easily traceable and the possibility of miscommunications or misunderstanding is greatly reduced.
  • The operation in bigger agencies is more fragmented and because of that it could be more bureaucratic. That can result in unnecessary delays, slower reaction time or inability to provide decent customer service. In contrast, smaller agencies are very adaptable and willing to modify their service, very often broadening it to satisfy extraordinary requirements or limitations (certain ways or timing of communication, work with or without supervision, reduced access to the funds etc).
  • Because there are fewer layers of hierarchy in a smaller organisation, their service comes at a very competitive price and in a timely and efficient manner. Small Agency needs less money to operate, implement changes, innovate or reposition in accordance to the new situations.
  • When it comes to the management style, the smaller Agencies are able to respond more quickly, whether we are talking about improvement of the service, change in the instructions or handling an emergency or complaint.
  • Rather than having a large volume of business with constant changes in clientele (revolving door effect), the smaller agencies are usually paying more attention to existing clients and their repeat business. Most of us are passionate about our niche and offer benefits rewarding loyalty and encouraging long term relationships.

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